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Wingturf supplies three product families and validation services based on uniquely developed technologies to meet our customer's true needs

MR Gas Sterilization System



Product Lineup

Small-size MR Gas Sterilization System

Large-size MR Gas Sterilization System

Movable MR Gas Generator

MR Gas Sterilization In-plant System

超微粒子制御 関連製品

Ultrafine Mist and Particle Control System
By uniquely developed technologies, Wingturf enables the processes such as large-scale atomization of ultra-fine mist, blending of nanoparticles or high viscosity material, and ultra-fine mist generation with a uniform particle diameter in the most efficient way.

BM Mist Atomizer

Spray Blend Mixer

Portable Formaldehyde Sensor

Portable Formaldehyde Sensor

Wingturf's Portable Formaldehyde Sensor is the most accurate device and which has enabled quick measurement with the 3 minute cycle and is highly-functional.

Product Lineup

Portable Formaldehyde Sensor BHS-01

Portable Formaldehyde Sensor BHS-01HF(Correspondence to high concentration)





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